​This interactive Constellation™ Plotting Tool is an extension of the The Director’s Edge proprietary GSR™ breakdown techniques, as taught in our various programs.

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  1. Enter the title of your picture
  2. Enter the total number of pages in the script
  3. Drop your GSR 2™ data in the table under the graph. (The Constellation and its values currently displayed are purely for demonstration. Replace them with yours.)

If you don’t have 9 plot-points in a plot or subplot, simply duplicate values from adjacent plot-points.

If you have more than 9, re-evaluate your MB and SB points.

This is a live document. Once you’re playing with it, only you will be able to see your data.

If you “reload” you will lose your work.

NOTE the PRINT OPTION on the left of the screen. Print to paper or PDF, which you can select in the dialog box.

We suggest plotting your script in its current condition. Save a print-to-PDF, then re-plot it according to what you think a more evenly spaced and dynamic roller-coaster of a story might look like. Compare this to your Thematic Principles in the GSR 2™ and revise it until it’s perfect.

Now you know your story better, you know what changes and revisions to consider and propose to your creative and producing team. You even have a visual representation that will always help you orient yourself workshopping with actors, in rehearsals, on set, and even in the edit bay.