​ready to take your DIRECTING career to the next level?

  • Discover your distinctive voice
  • Improve your Image Lexicon
  • Reveal the deeper meaning
  • Execute on a clear vision, with confidence
  • Create complex, memorable characters
  • Transform anxiety into power
  • Optimize your prep
  • Release your creativity while the camera is rolling
  • Sail through the hardest job on set, with ease
  • Get-Set-Ready to make the best films of your life!

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"The Director's Edge is an expertly-crafted course covering every level of leading and directing a film. Whether you're a new director or seasoned pro, this course will help you refine yourself and your process so you can up your game in ways you haven't even thought of."

- David Phifer, Raise-the-Bar! Program

THE DIRECTOR'S EDGE  is an online film school, just for Directors. Whether you're just getting started or a seasoned filmmaker, we have programs and resources for all levels, beginning with our unique GetSetReady! Methodthat lays the foundation for your Vision, from concept to screen. Content and exercises are delivered online, so you can build your knowledge and refine your skills in your own time, wherever you are, while our coaches and online community help you set your goals, provide feedback and keep you moving forward. Click here for information on specific programs.

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Book an appointment with Adaptavant at Ascendas using SetMore

"Signing up for The Director's Edge is beyond a doubt the best move I've ever made when it comes to filmmaking. Luca and Eileen have designed not only an amazing course, but a personal experience. Their check-ins, advice and encouragement along the way have been more than helpful. I now have a tighter script, more fully developed characters and feel confident about communicating with actors. I can't wait to get on the set to start filming my series!"

- Denise Wilson, Get-Set-Ready! Program


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The Director's Edge

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​“Luca and Eileen bring their experience and expert knowledge into every aspect of the program... The exercises, and their guidance, emboldened me enough to completely rewrite a script treatment I’d been kicking around for years, and enter my first open pitch session-- scoring second place and a cash prize. Priceless.” 

- Peter Crosman
, Raise-the-Bar! Program


is perfect for:

  • Emerging Directors seeking an expert process
  • Directors itching to dive deeper
  • Go-Getters ready to package, pitch & FIND THE MONEY
  • Experienced Film Pros eager to make the Directing dream a reality

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EDGY Mixes are held every first Thursday of the month and are open to anyone.

Directors Studio ~ Hollywood sessions are for the benefit of members of one of our programs. Others may audit a session, but must RSVP. Walk-ins are not admitted. Click below to RSVP.